Wallace Bailey

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Wallace  is an  Award Winning Speaker with Toastmasters International and has given Hundreds of Presentations  at Schools  and UniversitiesAre you ready for a speaker that can engage your audience and focus on your goal?

Wallace inspires through thought provoking stories while providing actionable steps in a fun and engaging presentation that will allow them to Unleash The Leader Within and Achieve Their True Potential. 

Speaking Topics

Unleash The Leader Within

Signature Keynote Presentation

Perfect for High School, College students and faculty.

During this transformational leadership event , attendees will learn;

     Learn the #1 asset of a leader and how to get more of it. 

     Discover the one thing all leaders use to their advantage. 

     Understand why being genuine is attractive.

     Get the three amigos framework.  

     Learn techniques to persuade rather than order. 

     Find the key to unlocking the leader within. 

     Discover the one sentence that will be the blueprint to success.


Anything Is Possible

This presentation is specifically designed for the emerging leader and entrepreneur.

Workshops are encouraged for this presentation. Attendees will learn;

  • Coach Wallace's story from zero to business in three months
  • The exact wrong things to do when starting a business
  • The specific way Coach Wallace used to get started
  • The two words to keep in mind, all the time
  • The way to build on success

Self Defense

With Thirteen years of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training Black Belt Wallace Bailey has a wealth of knowledge to share. Be it a presentation or a hands on Workshop. Attendees will learn;

  • The three things to stop an attack before it happens
  • Techniques to defend against real world scenarios
  • Best practices in retaining information
  • Moving forward

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Wallace Bailey