Expect The Unexpected!

     Have you ever had a friend meeting you for lunch and they show up fifteen minutes late? How about the phone call someone said they would make, but never happened? 


When our expectations aren't met, it can be a real let down. I know, it happens all the time. So what exactly is an expectation? It is simply something you want to happen in the future.


You can schedule a meeting or make plans and have expectations things will work out. It is still a wish for the future. 


I had a conversation with someone yesterday. They explained a lot of issues had sprung up recently. My one powerful question was, of all the issues, which ones can you control? 


We can choose to let circumstances bother us. Or choose to control our circumstances. If you can't do anything about an issue. Let it go. If there's something you can do. Take action.


Try not to place unneeded expectations on things you have absolutely no control over. This takes up the much needed time that can better be used to work on issues you can change. 


Always expect the unexpected. Be prepared and stay flexible. As always, stay InSpired. CW

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