Slowing down to speed up!

“I've been spinning my wheels and getting nowhere fast!” Have you ever heard that expression? It's a car reference. 


   Many people spin their wheels from time to time. I watch Nascar racing and the majority of the tracks are oval tracks. Cars go fast and turn left. Every driver wants to go as fast as they can.


    Sometimes a car is way out front and the person behind them is trying to catch them. they're trying as hard as they can, but the harder they try it seems like they're spinning their wheels and not making up any ground. 


   We can use this analogy to our benefit. Much like NASCAR drivers. If we slow down just a little bit and stop making very small mistakes. We can actually speed up. 

   I've seen this happen in races. Hitting your marks and making fewer mistakes will actually help you go faster. Going fast into a turn causes the tires to slide and lose traction. 


   Just like trying to do too many things at once in our lives can have the same effect. Losing traction takes us further from our goal causing more time and effort. We can make up good time when we slow down and make educated moves we can actually go faster.


    Remember The Tortoise and the Hare. The rabbit was of course faster than the turtle. He'd run along getting way out front in the race and take breaks. The turtle, slow and steady won the race. We can take a great lesson from the turtle. You don't always have to be the fastest.


    Of course everyone makes a few mistakes along the way but when we slow down and take practical steps toward our goal. We can keep traction. We can keep the wheels on the road and makes slow steady gains.

   An example of this principal and practice is the carpenters rule of thumb. “Measure twice, cut once.” This is a very practical guideline. Boards are expensive. Labor is expensive. 


   When we measure once and make a cut we could only be a fraction of an inch off. If the board doesn't fit, we must cut another board and throw away the old one costing time and finances. Here's a great strategy. 


   Take the time to prioritize your tasks. Write them down in the order of priority. Start at the top and work to complete that task. When you are finished, cross it off and start on the next one. You actually can slow down to speed up. For more strategies like this one visit

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