The Momentum Framework

    Have you ever been on a roll where everything seems to be going right? Everything clicks? You're working hard, you're motivated, and boom! Something happened and it stopped. Your momentum comes to a halt. It happens. Getting started again is sometimes frustrating. It takes time but there's a way to snap out of that.


    When I coach people. I use something called the momentum framework. It all starts with tiny habits. Very simple habits that we create.That overtime, become a part of us. We can do them without even thinking about it. By creating these small habits we build consistency, and consistency builds momentum much like a locomotive starts out very slow. It turns its Wheels very slowly and keeps going. As it moves forward, it gains speed. Once at full speed, a train has momentum and hardly anything in its path can break that momentum.


    When we create small habits we can build momentum just like the locomotive. When things happen and get in our path, they may slow our momentum slightly but they won't stop us. Albert Einstein learned that an object in motion tends to stay in motion and an object at rest tends to stay at rest. When we are stuck like an object at rest. We need an outside force to move. A little bit of action is when we start implementing tiny habits. We take small actions. These small actions get things moving and once we get moving we can stay moving.


    Objects in motion tend to stay in motion. Persistent action keeps our momentum going and that momentum creates lasting change and that's what we're really after, lasting change. We already have tiny habits that we do everyday. We don't even recognize them because they have become habit.


    If you're not where you want to be right now. If you want something different. If you want to accelerate your success. Take a look today and start focusing on your current habits. When we consciously make an effort to find what habits are working and ones that are not, we can recognize where we need to make improvements. By creating new empowering habits we will begin to change. Remember, habits take time to form. It may take a little while. Some may start working faster than others but when we make these small changes they begin to add up and create lasting change to your success.


    In today's hectic world everything seems fast paced. It always seems like we can never find the time to make everything work. It is extremely important that we make time or take the time to focus on ourselves and especially our tiny habits. A few simple strategies and techniques may just do the trick. You can use reminders on your cell phone. Almost everyone has a cell phone.


    These technological advances can work to your advantage. Use reminders on your phone to schedule time for yourself to work on your tiny habits. Just 10 to 15 minutes per day will pay a huge dividends in the long run. Remember that an object at rest tends to stay at rest so it is extremely important that you take small actions hold yourself accountable.


    Another strategy is to tell someone your goals. Having someone else to hold you accountable and keep you on track will accelerate your success. I work with people just like you everyday helping to identify small habits that are holding us back and creating new habits that will create lasting change and accelerate their success. If you are interested in putting your habits in gear CLICK HERE to take a test drive with me and accelerate your success! As always stay inspired! CW

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