3 Step Checklist For Real, Lasting Change!

    We all have areas of our life that could stand a little improvement. We

tend to try little things here and there to make things better.


    What generally ends up happening is. We don't follow through, and we

end up doing the same things over and over.


    We become so comfortable doing these things. Even if it is not helping

us at all. If you really want real and Lasting change.


    Here is a simple checklist to get you started on the path to success.




    For very real and Lasting change in our lives. We must truly believe

without a shadow of a doubt, and through no uncertain terms.


    That we can and will change. Whatever it is that is keeping us from

success. Keeping a positive mental attitude through change is imperative to

your self belief.


    believing in yourself is up to you and you alone. Think back to all of

the struggles and challenges you have had in your life up to now.


    No matter what they were. You have overcome every single one of them.

Now think back on all the great accomplishments you have achieved.


     Now take that feeling that you have right now and build on it. Believe!


Absolute Commitment


    My friend and fellow Toastmaster. Rose Schumacher, gave an amazing

presentation on this subject. She used the brilliant analogy of ham and



    She emphasized, while the chicken was involved. The pig was fully

committed. While being involved is something very commendable.


     There is a very clear, and distinct difference in being absolutely

committed. Real and Lasting change only happens when you put your heart and

soul into i. There has to be passion. A burning desire that nothing will

stop you!


Start With Only One Thing


    Old habits are hard to break


Especially if there are many. Putting all of your intense focus on only one

thing at a time will greatly enhance your chances of success.


    Trying to multi-task with so many things pulling us in all different

directions is not the route we need to take. Focusing on one small task at

a time will create momentum. Building on that momentum, we can accomplish

these small goals. Building confidence, and bringing us ever closer to our

ultimate success.

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