THE TRUTH (This may hurt)

I was just working on my website yet again. I never think it is good enough. I’m staring at the screen and I started asking myself questions. “Why am I doing this?” “What is my main objective for this site?”


Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Like a freight train coming at full speed. “I’m doing this to get booked for speaking engagements!” But, it will only work if people come to the site. “What if I reached out to people I wanted to work with directly?”, I thought. What a novel idea lol.


I have heard it said and read it thousands of times. Hell, I have even wrote it hundreds of times. It’s the phrase “Take Action”. Yes, I know, I know. I got caught up again in trying to reinvent the wheel. I immediately logged out of my site. I looked up the exact people and organizations at my local university that my message is perfect for. I then found the people in charge of those programs and sent them a personal email. I sent ten emails including a link to my website.


Within an hour I had received two replies from people that were interested in working together. I could have took action continuing to work on my website for that hour. Where would I be? Still hoping people found the site. The lesson here is take action on what gets results.


Being busy and working hard on the wrong things only leads to frustration. You know what's really funny? I checked the analytics for my site. Want to know how many of those email recipients clicked the link to my website? This is hilarious, zero! That's right, absolutely no one even visited anyway.


Be sure to focus on what gets results. Do not get caught up staying busy and working hard on things that aren't getting the job done. 


If you want a raise or promotion where you work just doing a great job is not enough. You already get paid for that. You must let the boss know what you want and ask specific questions on what is expected of you to meet your objective. 


Getting to where you want to be requires work. You must take action! But beware, take the action that gets results. Connect with people and build relationships. Learn to communicate!



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